Element Europa Ice

This work is inspired by mythology and mysticism, here the work is attributed to the Goddess Europa. She was seduced and enamoured by Zeus and who turned himself into a cow and carried her off to Crete. Zeus is Jupiter in the Roman pantheon and Jupiter has 69 moons the fourth largest is called Europa. This moon is a frigid icy world that conceals a liquid ocean within it. According to astronomers this world possibly contains life. The bluishness of the work is evocative of its harsh, cold, strange and jagged terrain and its wateriness.  The wall hanging can be appreciated as a contemplative art piece, this is an artwork that makes you engage with its peaks and troughs and the ambiguity of the undulating surface.

Medium: Polyurethane & Polypropylene, Card, Acrylic paint,
Size: W 50 cm H 42 cm D 12cm
By: Paul & Mark Cummings
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