This abstracted form provides a sense of space, be it either a vast terrain or a localised surface.  This piece of art also incorporates time expressed by the fall of light. Light projects onto an undulating surface and casts shadows. This light source references Midday on Summer Solstice. The addition of Midsummer's day and noon makes the sun in the highest position in the sky for the year, that is why this art is called Meridian. Much like a sundial, it is a snapshot. Many cultures around the world stop to worship this midsummer point. It describes the peak of summer and the life journey of the sun. This minimalist work can be appreciated aesthetically and conceptually for the play of light on its surface. Warm tints lit by an artificial sun is in contrast to bold blue shadows in the valleys. In spite of its realism, it must be noted that this work is a computer generation. Even the facets and wave undulations have been created by computer-generated noise algorithms.  The object alludes to different scales this can be from water ripples to mountain ranges. Rhythm, repetition and variation are key themes within this work.

MEDIUM: Polyurethane & Polypropylene, Paper,  Acrylic paint
DIMENSIONS: H 500 MM / W 500 MM / D 15.5MM 
ARTISTS: Paul & Mark Cummings
DATE: 11/11/2017
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