Helios is the Greek Sun god, whom the Romans called Sol. Most often, people viewed or portrayed Helios as a mighty charioteer, driving his flaming chariot (or gleaming horses) from east to west across the sky each day.
At night, according to the legend, Helios crossed back to the east by floating in a golden cup on the stream
of Ocean, the mythical river thought to encircle the flat earth. Because Helios was in the sky all day looking down on the earth, people assumed he saw and heard everything that went on in that domain; thus, both gods and humans called on him as a witness to various events. 
This piece of work made with gold leaf pertains to the sun. The colouring and shininess are other reminders. Gold traditionally is associated with the sun, and so are bees with the artwork's hexagonal surface being a reference to honeycombs. The aged patina on the surface leads us to think of an ancient past when sun worship was in its prime. 

MEDIUM: 300 micron Grey Card, PVA, Polyurethane Resin Coat, Gold Leaf
DIMENSIONS: H 360 mm / W 424 mm / D 30 mm
ARTISTS: Paul & Mark Cummings
DATE: 06/08/2015
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