Element Io Sulphur
This work is inspired by magic and mythology and science. Io was a priestess to the Goddess Hera. Zeus lusted after her and turned her into a sea cow to hide her from his wife Hera, but the deception failed. Hera sent Gadfly to pester her, she would wander restlessly for eternity. Io is also a Satellite of Jupiter synonymous with Zeus. This moon is mostly composed of Sulphur and is tidally locked to Jupiter. The stresses and strains of Jupiter’s gravity make Io the most geologically volcanic body in our solar system. Sulphur in Alchemy is one of a trinity of primary energies its qualities are described as a fiery principle. As a wall hanging this artwork can be appreciated as a contemplative art piece. Its refreshing vivid yellow colour adds brightness to any room. 

Medium: Polyurethane & Polypropylene, Card, Acrylic paint,
Size: W 50 cm H 42 cm D 12cm
By: Paul & Mark Cummings
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