Cosmic Series

This is an ongoing series of photo-montages. A collage constructed from photographs, illustrations and other found images. We intend to create what we call a 'Spiritual Kitbash', making an assemblage from religious/spiritual cultures and archetypal forms. The result are these magical surrealist images.

The imagery for this picture is composed from monuments located in Black Friars on the river Thames. Tutmose III is known as one of the greatest pharaohs in the history of Ancient Egypt. During his rule of 54 years, he greatly expanded the extent of the Egyptian Empire. This is our homage to him.

£610 Canvas Prints

Signed fine art giclée prints on canvas, stretch over frame.
Dimensions: W 24 H 36 inch
Edition: 1 / 20
Prices: £610 Framed / £450 Unframed

£30 Poster

Medium: Poster
Dimensions: W 40 H 60 inch
Edition: Unlimited

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